Mind Your Mind

Having worked in social media for many years, I've seen how one can use it for personal and professional gain, and how one slip online can prove disastrous. Remember, the key to a great meme is whether people to relate to it. If you're targeting young, social mums working part-time, memes that joke about balancing motherhood with less motherly interests often perform well. Memes are best created using images which the bulk of the online community already associates with Memes.

For example, when candidate Mitt Romney mentioned that he would cut the funding to public television if elected, ABC News reported that dozens of Big Bird memes went extremely viral overnight. Evil Kermit, socially awkward penguin, and grumpy cat are the viral fare of tweets, Instagram, and Facebook.

The goal of posting brand memes is to create a conversation and visibility. Your meme is automatically shared for all to see on the Meme Generator website, so if it becomes popular, you could possibly see it start popping up in other places online as others share it.

There are also websites, like Meemsy, that allow users to use existing videos to create a meme. Marketing companies have massive budgets for trying to create viral videos, but its not something that can really be created generically. Now, many brands are willing to sacrifice their aesthetic” or tone of voice” for a slice of the pop-cultural conversation by working with online personalities that don't typically match their image.

Over the past couple of years, memes have become a cornerstone of meme review the internet They're everywhere, used by friends to communicate with one another, marketers hoping to reel in digital-savvy generations, and even politicians trying to appeal to younger constituents.

This is even a built-in online video trimmer in the text editing interface which is very convenient to cut out unwanted frames from the video when creating video memes. Memorable brand memes can bring more visibility to your personal brand as well as attract new fans and followers.

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